09 February 2009

What and Where Is Theatre?: A Search for the Theatrical Aspects of Life

For the mass majority of the population, theatre is seen as a form of entertainment meant for a small, elite population who can afford the higher-than-movie priced tickets. This elite group not only spends between $200-$300 a person for the premium tickets to the hottest shows on Broadway, according to Playbill ticket price searches, but they also dress in some of their fanciest attire. However, this is not the reality that surrounds the theatre. Many die hard thespians find their way to the theatre, regardless of the budget limit they set themselves. Though the view from the mezzanine is not the best, one can experience the same show as the elite is experiencing for under $75. With the more recent cross over of hit Broadway musicals, such as Chicago (see left), into film, the world of the theatrical is becoming more open and accessible to the public. On the other hand, I believe that the theatrical can be found outside of the confines of buildings and is within our lives; even in places we would not expect it. As a new writer in the blogosphere, I truly hope that my blog will become a relevant and knowledgeable source regarding various, and perhaps unexpected, theatrical connections. Because of my desire to share the best information possible with my readers, I have been spending much of my time searching for other blogs and webs sites that are not only relevant the theatrical arts, but also provide some kind of connection to the topic and direction of the blog. Using both the Webby Awards and IMSA Criteria, my linkroll (see right) focuses on various theatrical sources. Whether these sources cover news of what goes on in “Theatre Land”, such as the World News Network, or are blogs discussing new ways to change American theatre, such as Theatre Ideas, or groups that use theatre to make a difference in the lives of people who need it most, such as The Unusual Suspects, I believe that these sources are a great place to start for someone hoping to find connections between the theatrical and the “normal” in one’s life. So as you explore the various sources available to you through my linkroll, I hope that you begin to become curious and explore the theatrical connections in life and the world around you.

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